After you have completed the configuration of your shirt, select ‘measure body’ and the page opens with all the necessary measurements we need from you. Select one of the fields and the measure tutorial will appear. Just follow our detailed instructions, fill in all the measurements and 'create your own size'. After we receive your measurements we will create your own unique pattern. If the shape of your body changes, you can change your measurements in your account afterwards.

1. 'How to measure your collar'

Place the measuring tape around the neck at the position of the collar. You will find this position between the adam’s apple and the base of your neck. Put one finger under the tape to ensure some comfort.


2. 'How to measure your shoulders'

Start measuring from the point we’re you feel the bone of the shoulder. Measure the natural curve of the shoulder until you reached the opposite bone of the shoulder.


3. 'How to measure your sleeve length'

Keep your arm in a 90 degrees angle. Start measuring from the bone of your shoulder. This is where you stopped measuring the shoulders. From this point the tape follows the backside of your arm, until you’ve reached the elbow. From the elbow you measure until you’ve reached the wrist bone.

4. 'How to measure your bicep'

Measure your bicep at its point we’re its most fullest. Probably around the height of your nipple. Relax your arms and don’t measure too tight. Just keep one finger behind the measuring tape.


5. 'How to measure your wrist'

Measure at the point of your wristbone. Hold the the tape close to your wrist. Don’t add extra comfort, this is what we will calculate for you.


6. 'How to measure your chest'

Measure around the fullest part of your chest. Probably around the height of your nipples. Relax your arms and take a natural pose. Don’t add extra room for comfort.


7. 'How to measure your waist'

Run the measuring tape around the stomach at the height of your belly button or at the fullest part of your stomach. Don’t add extra centimeters for comfort. Just relax and keep a natural pose. Keep the measuring tape levelled around your stomach.


8. 'How to measure your hip'

Measure around the most protruding part of your hip. Keep a natural pose and put one finger behind the measuring tape.


9. 'How to measure your shirt length'

Lower your head and take a relax pose. Put the measuring tape at the point we’re you feel the most protruding bone. Run the measuring tape to the bottom of your buttocks. You can add extra length if you wear your shirt tucked in. If you prefer to wear it untucked you can take 8cm of the measurement of the bottom of your buttocks.