Embrace Neapolitan Culture

Discover the world of traditional Neapolitan tailoring


The leading Neapolitan tailors have been working in or around Napoli for decades and continue this art on their own territory. Neapolitan tailoring is still done in Naples, it was born on Neapolitan soil and is still done by Neapolitan hands. "Made in Napoli" is therefore still known worldwide for unparalleled style, class, elegance and craftsmanship.


Velloro believes strongly in a handmade refinished shirt. Some parts are made by machine for extra strength, others by hand for extra comfort, elegance and appearance. The buttons, mouche and arm hold are made by hand with every single stitch.

How it's made
By Tradition
The perfection of imperfection

Imperfection is the certificate of craftmanship. A tailormade shirt doesn’t have defects, but it has that imperfection, being handmade. It carries the personality and signature of the one that made it.


Your Velloro shirt is cut by master-shirt makers and finished by hand in three steps by the expert hands of experienced embroidery women, who all have their specific skills passed on for generations.

Perfect fit

A made to measure Neapoletan shirt is the purest essence of elegance. With our step by step instruction videos we will assist you to measure yourself like a true Italian tailor. The journey of a fabric that turns into a handmade garment made to your requirements is an experience that must be lived. A well fitted Velloro shirt gives you immediate elegance, confidence and personality.

Made to measure

Although we offer our clients a 'made to measure' shirt, we also give you the option to order one of our standards sizes. After selecting your collar size, you can either go for a slim or regular fit. In our configurator you will find our size chart based on the dimensions of our standard shirt sizes. 

Steps by hand
The arm hole

The shoulder part is sewn with a fine thread in very small and regular stitches. This gives you more comfort and freedom of movement when you wear your Velloro shirt.

The buttons

A high quality mother of pearl button can only be sewn by hand using the ancient "Lilly Stich” or Zampa di Gallina technique. This sewing technic, with its characteristic shape, is not only pleasing to the eye, but also guarantees strength to the button itself.

The mouches

This small reinforcement triangle is sewn by hand on two sides of the shirt. On the bottom, close to the seam that joins the front to the back, to ensure greater strength is also a real signature of elegance and beauty.

Mother of pearl
Mother of pearl

The Australian mother of pearl is derived from the Pinctada Maxima shell, harvested and bred in the pristine water of Australia. It is bred for pearl production and used for manufacturing high quality buttons. Our specially designed buttons are sewn by hand using the ancient "Lilly Stich” or Zampa di Gallina technique.

Organic cotton

Velloro uses only organic cotton which is grown without chemicals. Organic cotton produces 46% less CO2e compared to conventional cotton. Beneficial insects are used to control unwanted pests to avoid the use of harmful chemicals.

Made in Naples